Diigo – Bookmarking Made Easy

Diigo: Bookmark, Archive, Highlight & Sticky-Note 

Highlighter & post-it notes, bookmark & archive. All-in-one research tool.

bookmarking tool
Do you need a good way to bookmark or save websites or articles?
Delicious and Evernote are both popular options, but I couldn’t stick to either one and was left with a browser full of links – which with Chrome is not all that easy to maintain.
My quest to find a new bookmark tool was actually easier than I expected it to be.
I quickly found Diigo and have been using it since – about two months now.

Here is what your account page would look like…

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More than just bookmarks

It has the organizational qualities that Evernote offers, along with many other user-friendly options such as a highlighter, sticky note, tagging options, and snycs across all your devices.

diigo bookmarking options Diigo offers several add-ons or apps to help make bookmarking easy too. You can install a bookmark-let in your web browser or enable a “Read Later” option in your right-click menu (to name a few of the options available).


And one of my favorite features is Diigo groups. This allows others to subscribe to your bookmarking channel. But what I like about this is Diigo has an option to auto post new entries into a blog post. I have a small WordPress site where I do just this – Bookmarking Babe.

diigo groups