ABOUT CyberGirlie


I am in love with technology especially my computers and any way I can access the internet. So it only makes sense to share my knowledge with my very own computer and internet blog..

The technology behind it all..

“The Desktop.. #2”

My last one had a run-in with some lightning via faulty cable wiring and is sadly no longer functioning.

Bought this one for $80 (including the wireless router to replace the one that was involved in the lightning incident as well..)

So far, so good!

from left to right: old Movie Gallery clunker and the original Desktop.. Currently awaiting surgery.

“The Laptop”

This is my toaster. I love it. My Dad got me this laptop back in 2003, the year I started college. The school I went to (Framingham State College), required students to have laptops and gave us two choices, Dell or Gateway. And it’s still working.. for the most part. My battery doesn’t work so I have to keep itplugged in and the plug in adapter is superglued into the computer. My fan also has technical issues so I use different objects to keep the bottom propped up to avoid overheating. At 256mb of RAM I am not complaining, this baby can still do work.

“The Droid”

This is my second Droid and I love it. I don’t use the actual phone, it functions pretty much as a second laptop since my laptop can be heavy to transport.

If you must know more about me, you can see my “official” about me section at my dot com site twak star trick.

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