How in the heck do I reset Windows 10? Not enough storage space??!!

In case you didn’t notice it’s been a few years… but I’m back on the blogging scene. Dont act like yall didnt miss me 😉 well today’s blog post is all about teaching an old dog new tricks. My go to OS was Windows XP and I didnt even mind Windows 7, but once Microsoft rolled out Windows 8… I was mind blown… absolutely mind blown. It’s like being american only able to speak English but your stuck in China. I mean what in the heck do I do now?

The days of simple technology is over…

But that just gives us access to all new technology stuff and without advancements life as we know it would be boring, ya think? What started this whole topic of old vs new that today I Was faced with my second laptop that I Could not reset. In Windows 7 and XP reformatting your OS was a breeze. Windows 8 and up…. not so much. And I kept running into the same issue… not enough storage space to reset Windows. Wait a minute.. isn’t that one of the main. Reasons to reset. Okay Bill Gates, you got me on this one.

Freeing up storage space on Windows 10

Here’s how I recommend attacking the problem without having to download any more programs which will just take up more space… yes it’s a time consuming ordeal but I have found no other way! Please feel free to share your tips, tricks, insights in the comments section. I’m still a Windows 10 newbie.

  • Delete all apps & features like Chrome, Facebook, Netflix etc… The apps with MB next to file size take up more room than ones with KB next to them.
  • Uninstall programs. Again, the ones with larger file sizes have got to go! When in doubt google will save you from something important. Type “can I uninstall program abcd windows 10?” Something along those lines. Better safe than sorry folks.
  • Backup files… including pictures,  videos, music, documents, and downloads. Then DELETE THEM ALL off your computer.
  • Get an external hard drive or flash drive with at least 2 GB data. This will help allocate some space to your main drive as well.

And now for moment of truth… will it be enough?!

Well, yes. And no. I have quite significantly sped my computer up… it actually runs pretty well now. But I’m still unable to reset my computer so guess I’ll try something else.

Final Verdict

Keep a copy of the Windows OS either on a disk or flash drive because without it, resetting or reinstalling Windows can be downright frustrating!

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