Deceptive Downloads… Be aware of “Download Now” Ads

Have you ever downloaded a program unintentionally because you clicked the wrong link?

It has happened to most internet users, and can be quite frustrating.

Many times the accidental downloads you make are due to the advertising on the page we are downloading from. These ads usually contain a “download” graphic that resembles the link you would select to download the actual program we wanted.

After it happened to myself the first time I was very careful as to making sure I was downloading with caution – downloading programs can cause harm to your computer!

But I was fooled again by deceptive advertising – and am now stuck with uninstalling a program that can be quite tricky to remove to the novice computer owner.

Just in the one screenshot above there are 4 possible links you could click on. But which one actually downloads the program I want? (I am trying to download the Android app Zedge btw). It is the second link button that says “Download XAPX 23.3 MB. Unless you’re paying close attention, anyone could be fooled.

Published by Let's just go with Justine.

Blogger. Writer. Drug Addict. College Grad. I have been self medicating since the age of 10, I started taking No Doze and sleeping pills that were round and blue. Not many days have gone by since that I havent been.under the influence.of something. I feel safe online. I can ve myself online. I'm shy, on a real face to face level. Also, I like the outdoors. and cats. Cause they are so cute and soft and they never judge you. They just love you. Unconditionally. Real Talk. A1 from Day 1

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