How to transfer pictures to computer from phone without a cord or your sd card

Transfer Pictures… wait where is that cord.. HELP!

We transfer pictures to the computer all the time. We all have a way that we do this, and there is no wrong or right way. But what happens when we can’t find our USB cord? Or we are away from home and cannot use an SD card to transfer them? That is the problem I ran into recently. Thanks to Google Play I was able to find an app to fix my dilemma within minutes!

Upload / Download

The Problem

I needed to post some pictures on Craigslist. I just got a new CPU Tower and the one I’m using didn’t have a SD card slot like I was used to. I had a USB SD Card adapter… somewhere and my USB cord worked, but my OS could not locate the driver needed for it to work.

Windows Live Sync "Wave 3" logo

The Solution

I went on Google Play to search for a driver and actually found something better! SyncMe – An app to wirelessly sync from my android phone to my computer and vice versa. I downloaded to see if it would work and it actually far exceeded my expectations. Not only were the instructions easy to understand, the whole process from download to transfer complete took all of five minutes!

My critera, as far as apps are concerned, is performance, speed, and ease of use. I have spent countless years installing (and uninstalling) applications and programs, on both my smart phones and computers over the years. I have a need to find apps that aid in optimization. What a great word.

The official online color is: #A4C639 . 한국어: 공...

Transferring photos to the computer from the phone is a regular every day action many of us do without question. But what happens when our technology fails… so to speak? We look toward another alternative and sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.

With such a variety of phone apps and different ways to go about transfering picture to your computer from your phone it should come across pretty clear that this progran, SyncMe, is among the best photo transfer/file syncing tool available, for Android phones at least.

I strongly recommend this program… Go download it, because you will need to transfer something, at some point, to the computer from your phone.. trust me.

Check out my review posted on Google Play:transfer pictures to computer from phone with ease!

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