Worried About Losing Your Phone?


Or more importantly… what’s on your phone? Then download this app and rest assured.

Download G Cloud Backup for Android and get up to 10 GB Free. Use this code: [7CDF19] at signup and we’ll both earn space: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.genie9.gcloudbackup

This is a great backup tool for Android users. They start you off with 1 GB of free space with the possibility of earning up to 9 GB more doing easy tasks such as liking their page on Facebook and of course with referrals. If that’s not enough space 

The Best Place to Buy, Sell, Trade Crypto: crypto.com

And the best new card in your wallet.

“At Crypto.com, we are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency”

The company Crypto.com (twitter @cryptocom) is a new “up and comer” in the prepaid card biz….

What makes them unique is they are one of the first cards featuring the option of bitcoins as tender. And the card is actual metal. And yes you heard right… The card is metal! Their exclusive metal visa card offers 5% back on all purchases, and up to 9% p.a on all crypto. Pay and be paid in crypto, anywhere, for free.

The new and improved app (available on both Android and iPhone) allows its customers the ability to buy 45+ coins at true cost (no fees, no markups). Definitely a card I recommend having in your wallet in 2020…

Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet

There’s more you can do with their card too… Learn more here at crypto.com



The website has just posted a new promotion on the crypto.com blog and on their twitter page (@cryptocom) featuring 3 amazing “deals” or offers available for the next 3 months (April-June 2020):

💳 3.5% credit card fee waived for buying crypto – NO FEES!!

🛒 Groceries shopping up to 10% CASH BACK!!

🚚 Food Delivery up to 20% CASH BACK!!

They are also also giving away $100,000 in #Bitcoin!!

#TimeforPlanB– Consider This Tweet…

Let me tell you how you can win some of the cash up for grabs in their current sweepstakes promotion featured on Twitter…

Sweepstakes Rules… How to Win

(As posted on their official website)

To enter the Sweepstakes on Twitter, the Entrants must complete the following actions:

  1. Follow the official Crypto.com account on Twitter (@cryptocom)
  2. Like Crypto.com’s original Twitter Sweepstakes post
  3. Retweet Crypto.com’s original Twitter Sweepstakes post with #TimeForPlanB

Each entrant can only win once, or one Prize in this Sweepstakes.

More details on the contest can also be found here: https://t.co/TIOv4rV5VX

This post was written by Cybergirl @meanmeanjustine

How in the heck do I reset Windows 10? Not enough storage space??!!

In case you didn’t notice it’s been a few years… but I’m back on the blogging scene. Dont act like yall didnt miss me 😉 well today’s blog post is all about teaching an old dog new tricks. My go to OS was Windows XP and I didnt even mind Windows 7, but once Microsoft rolled out Windows 8… I was mind blown… absolutely mind blown. It’s like being american only able to speak English but your stuck in China. I mean what in the heck do I do now?

The days of simple technology is over…

But that just gives us access to all new technology stuff and without advancements life as we know it would be boring, ya think? What started this whole topic of old vs new that today I Was faced with my second laptop that I Could not reset. In Windows 7 and XP reformatting your OS was a breeze. Windows 8 and up…. not so much. And I kept running into the same issue… not enough storage space to reset Windows. Wait a minute.. isn’t that one of the main. Reasons to reset. Okay Bill Gates, you got me on this one.

Freeing up storage space on Windows 10

Here’s how I recommend attacking the problem without having to download any more programs which will just take up more space… yes it’s a time consuming ordeal but I have found no other way! Please feel free to share your tips, tricks, insights in the comments section. I’m still a Windows 10 newbie.

  • Delete all apps & features like Chrome, Facebook, Netflix etc… The apps with MB next to file size take up more room than ones with KB next to them.
  • Uninstall programs. Again, the ones with larger file sizes have got to go! When in doubt google will save you from something important. Type “can I uninstall program abcd windows 10?” Something along those lines. Better safe than sorry folks.
  • Backup files… including pictures,  videos, music, documents, and downloads. Then DELETE THEM ALL off your computer.
  • Get an external hard drive or flash drive with at least 2 GB data. This will help allocate some space to your main drive as well.

And now for moment of truth… will it be enough?!

Well, yes. And no. I have quite significantly sped my computer up… it actually runs pretty well now. But I’m still unable to reset my computer so guess I’ll try something else.

Final Verdict

Keep a copy of the Windows OS either on a disk or flash drive because without it, resetting or reinstalling Windows can be downright frustrating!

Readability Test Online Tool

Readability tool

I already posted once today but happened to come upon another great tool I needed to share. If you are a student or write content online (or else where) this is a great, FREE resource to have.

This free online software tool calculates readability : Coleman Liau index, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, ARI (Automated Readability Index), SMOG. The measure of readability used here is the indication of number of years of education that a person needs to be able to understand the text easily on the first reading. 

Your writing will score better when you: use simpler diction, write short sentences. 
It also displays complicated sentences (with many words and syllables) with suggestions for what you might do to improve its readability.

Check your writings readability by visiting the link below:


Designer sample contract – PDF and Word Download

Here is a link to download a sample freelance writer contract for all you freelancers out there (or anyone simply self employed). A good thing to have in your toolbox and definitely worth a bookmark at least!


Webmaster Worries: Corona Virus

Webmaster worries…. Day 4.of social segregation….

So about this virus… I dont even think McAvee could help us with this one. Were all victims of the malwarebytes lurking among us. Germs floating in the very air waiting to attack us with no warning.

Here’s some starting news…

I was told today that The Coronavirus originated as a virus formulated for bat control. Well it originated from snakes. But the real damage started with the bats.

Scientists infected bats with it (the virus) to weed the smaller, weaker bats out of the population. Well their experiment failed (the bats were not taken down as expected..) and instead mutated into the epidemic we are currently facing.  Wonderful. Way to go… USA!! (Hows that for a snake in the grass)

I started setting up the official Cybergirl facebook page.. these type of offbeat news stories are what you can expect to find on there. Short, interesting reads and lots of memes. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Check me out on facebook and comment, like, and share me. Do it NOW.

Deceptive Downloads… Be aware of “Download Now” Ads

Have you ever downloaded a program unintentionally because you clicked the wrong link?

It has happened to most internet users, and can be quite frustrating.

Many times the accidental downloads you make are due to the advertising on the page we are downloading from. These ads usually contain a “download” graphic that resembles the link you would select to download the actual program we wanted.

After it happened to myself the first time I was very careful as to making sure I was downloading with caution – downloading programs can cause harm to your computer!

But I was fooled again by deceptive advertising – and am now stuck with uninstalling a program that can be quite tricky to remove to the novice computer owner.

Just in the one screenshot above there are 4 possible links you could click on. But which one actually downloads the program I want? (I am trying to download the Android app Zedge btw). It is the second link button that says “Download XAPX 23.3 MB. Unless you’re paying close attention, anyone could be fooled.

RAM. What is it and how to get more of it.


ram chips - let's swap


If you own a computer, you have heard of “RAM” before.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory.


RAM in a computer is similar to your brain’s short-term memory–it’s fast, small and ephemeral.


It is what programs use to run and store program files, so the more programs the more RAM being used. When the RAM becomes low you may have too many programs running and/or installed.


Need more RAM?


Uninstall unneccessary programs you don’t use. Still need more RAM?


Adding more RAM is a low-cost solution for a significant boost in performance.


You don’t have to buy a new computer.


You just need to buy RAM chips.


Or swap chips from an old computer that is no longer functional.


Google search for RAM chips to find out where to purchase them. I will guide you through the steps to change them.


How to swap RAM chips…


If you are novice computer owner, you should be able to install your own RAM with no problems. It’s really quite simple.

Here is how I swapped RAM chips from my old desktop computer (1 GB RAM) into my functional desktop computer (originally 700 something MB RAM):




2. Start by taking off the side cover panel on your CPU. You may have to unscrew it or it may have a locking system that pops out.

swapping out my ram chips




3. Once you have successfully removed the cover you want to start by taking a look inside. It’s probably quite dusty… now is a good time to clean some of that up! A flashlight will come in handy here.


4. Locate the RAM chips, usually in a pair of two or a set of four. Here is what one of mine looked like…

ram chip from emachines desktop




5. To remove your RAM chips locate them in the CPU and pop the levers (mine were white) outwards. The RAM chip should slide out easily once the levers are moved. Do the one in front first, then the one in the back.


6. Once removed or if you’re just installing new ones you have bought take the cover off your main computer station as described in steps 1-5 above.


7. Insert new RAM chip(s) and make sure the levers snap into place on both the top and bottom of the chip. Wait to put the cover back on, but go ahead and plug your computer back in and start the OS.


8. If you hear beeping, don’t be alarm. Unplug the computer – you do not have the chip insert properly. Make sure it is correctly inserted, into the notches that allow the lever to click into place.


9. One you have the chips inserted you can put the cover back on and continue to work as normal.


10. Right click on my computer – then select properties and you will see that your amount of RAM has been indeed upgraded.



Memoria RAM





HOW TO Embed Tumblr Blog on Self Hosted WordPress Site

Love Tumblr?

Want to incorporate your Tumblr blog into another website?

Good news, you can… and I will share with you just how easy it is.

Finally, after a week or two of searching, I have found a way to embed a tumblr blog (or any blog’s posts) in a self hosted WordPress site. Without knowing any coding.

This is my Tumblr page for my website Hopes Are High. Here is the page I embedded Tumblr on.

tumblr on hopes are high
Image hosted for free at CtrlV.in

(Special thanks to simply Christian for finally steering me in the right direction.)

It’s actually quite simple to execute…

You will need two plug-ins. 

#1 A tumblr plugin that features a widget for your Tumblr or blog posts. An easy one to use is “Tumblr Widget” and it is the one I used initially

#2 The plug-in “Widgets on Pages

After you have both plug-ins downloaded and activated the rest is a cake walk.

* Configure your Tumblr or blog post widget how you want it by dragging it to the very last widget area on the bottom right of your screen. You may have to scroll down depending on your theme.

Here is an example using my site:

embed tumblr on wordpress
Image hosted for free at CtrlV.in
   This widget area directly above this text is where you

need to put your blog post widget.
* Save the widget changes

* Create a new page or edit the page your want Tumblr or blog posts to appear

* Type the shortcode [widgets_on_pages] and any other content you want on the page.

* Publish your page and VIOLA! Magic.

And you can also add any widget(s) you want to a page with this handy plug-in. If you didn’t notice, on Hopes Are High I also have a Quote widget displayed right before my posts. VERY EASY & adds a great amount of interactivity/engagement to your website!

Any questions or comments? Let me know!